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The Breathwork Experience is a synthesis of breathing practices derived from various types of yoga and conscious breathing techniques. It is an experimental treatment approach that has not been widely validated by clinical research. However, in my experience and in many anecdotal reports it has been observed to be be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders and relational problems.

This technique can create a very dramatic experience and is only used with great caution. It is not for everyone. However many have said that it is one of the most uplifting, life changing experiences of their life.

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Special Training
I first discovered this work in the mid 1980's in Dallas, Texas and began using it with client's almost immediately. Many of my clients spontaneously slipped into the cycle of breath and reported extraordinary experiences. I naturally wanted to know more about the process.

Subsequently, I traveled to New York City where I met Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing and a major proponent of the breathwork experience. From there I travel to Virginia to participate in my first of three certification trainings with Leonard. This was in 1985. After the first training I went back to New York City and took the Loving Relationships Training with Mallie Mandel and Robert Marine. This training used to use the breathwork experience as the core of their process.

I worked individually with clients in New York City for a year before I decided to move west to open the Rebirthing Center Of Albuquerque. I operated the center for almost a year until I moved to Los Angeles in 1987.

In Los Angeles I participated in the One Year Seminar with Leonard Orr and began to participate in and co facilitate groups with Louise Schillaci. I also made several trips to Campbell Hot Springs in the high Sierras to participate in certification trainings.

I have taken hundreds of people through this profound and sometimes dramatic process and I come to understand to power of it through experience.

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