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I have collected many powerful psycho therapeutic techniques over the years and I would like to try to explain in simple terms when and how I use them. (Without overwhelming you with a lot of incomprehensible jargon.)

You see, in my experience I have found that there are many effective treatments out there, but they don't all work on everybody all the time. To get consistent positive results I have learned that you have to choose the right technique at the right time for a particular client; and then use it in a way that is suited for that particular client.

I assess every client strategically to determine his or her needs, then design a flexible program based on my findings. Below is a list of some of the techniques I use with a short explanation and a link to a page with more information. These pages also contain useful links to books, articles and studies when available.

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EMDR is an evidence based treatment that was initially used to speed the recovery of emotional difficulties arising after difficult and traumatic life events. As a certified EMDR therapist, I am always looking for ways of fitting this powerful technique into process. Click this link to learn more.

Clinical Hypnosis can accelerate treatment when used properly and can help teach a person to use their mind more effectively. It is especially useful with unwanted habits, sleep difficulties and anxiety issues.

Success Coaching is different from therapy in that therapy helps clients get over symptoms (like anxiety or depression); Coaching helps them reach goals and achieve higher levels of success in their lives. Anyone who has ever achieved anything great has had a coach or a mentor to guide them into higher levels of excellence. Of course, coaching can happen in the context of therapy and therapy can happen in the context of coaching.

The Breathwork Experience can be used in certain situations with any of the above therapies to enhance the effectiveness; it can also be used by itself. By itself it is a very high potency emotional experience that, in my opinion, is not for everyone.

Transformational Talk Therapy is important as a foundation for all the therapies listed here. I am trained and skilled in a type of psychodynamic psychotherapy based in object relations theory.

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy (CBT) involves exploring dysfunctional thinking habits that maybe causing problems in your life. Learning how to use your creative intelligence differently can have a profound effective on your life. It's one of the most powerful, clinically proven methods to treat anxiety and depression.


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